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Kit Kern

If you really want to know who the person behind the chisels, saws, clamps (lots of clamps), design, & our all-around wood connoisseur it's Kit. 

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Kit's Story

Kit has formal schooling, but it is in psychology & government & nothing to do with woodworking. Then why did she start a woodworking business you ask?  Kit learned all about woodworking & how to "fix things that are broken" from her grandfather, a machinist & all-around phenomenal man. Kit describes her grandfather as "the kind of man they just don't seem to make anymore".  When you are raised by your grandparents in the early 1970's in north Georgia you just simply learn at a young age how to do stuff. (See exhibit 1)










Okay, so we are pretty sure the lawn mower is not actually running but you get the point. Oh, & don't worry, no child was harmed in this 1972 lawn mowing situation, we promise.


In the 1970's & 1980's time was much less structured. As you can see in the photo of Kit & her younger sister Donna spending quality time together. (See exhibit 2)










If you are wondering, her sister is the one with the really dirty face as Kit was way to cool to have dirt on her face even at the young age of 5.  Let's all stop for a moment to pray that her sister never looks at this page.... Okay, I think we can get back to "meet Kit" now.


Kit could play softball, basketball, talk on a rotary phone with friends after school, really mow the grass before she was 10, stack firewood, help repair a leaky roof, work in the garden, build a bicycle from old spare parts, play kickball with the neighborhood kids, & spend time in her grandfather's shop learning how to eventually be an adult capable of taking care of herself. Heck, she even took "baton" a couple years. We only know of the baton days from photographs as she seems to never speak of baton even when asked. (See exhibit 3) We think Kit made an adorable 5th grader too. Seriously, check out those dimples. (See exhibit 4)









Kit is also a former police officer & narcotics detective. Yeah, we think that was kind-of cool too. 

Kit's grandparents instilled in her that your reputation is all you truly have so never half ass your work, be honest, & always keep your promises. She is old school, she does things right the first time even if it takes longer, she is passionate about whatever she is working on at that moment, she is artistic, & enjoys driving her Jeep with the top off listening to her favorite music. Did we mention that she loves music? She loves vinyl's & believes that is truly the best way to listen to music.  


Kit has an amazing NNP wife in Ashley. Piper is her beautiful, funny, & quick witted daughter. She also has two handsome step-sons Jackson & Ellis. You will surly hear much more about her family if you follow our page.    

Disclaimer - We certainly apologize if the description of "half ass" offends you. We just like to keep things real & true to how Kit was raised in the 1970's when your parents, grandparents, neighbors, even your friends’ parents could discipline you & tell you that you are half ass'ing something. 


Always easiest to reach Kit by text @ 678.485.0102

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