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Miniature Bud Vase (Also known as Mom’s Little Vase)

Miniature Bud Vase (Also known as Mom’s Little Vase)

Each mini vase is one of a kind & has been hand turned by Kit!

Full Disclosure - What you see in the photo may not be the “exact” vase you will receive. No worries… it will be just as beautiful as the one you see. Why you ask? Well, we (Kit) is way better at crafting her art than she is at providing & updating the photos.

Since our mini vases are not water proof we can add a hard plastic insert in the event you want to add a tiny (very small) amount of water. Yeah, we think that’s pretty awesome too.

Oh, yeah! Each vase ranges in size from 2 1/2” - 6”. We think having multiple mini vases in various sizes is the coolest.

  • Good to Know

    Our mini wooden vase is Not water proof. If you want to add water then you need to use the insert.

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